As organizations embrace digital transformation and pursue competitive advantages, demands on delivering secure code fast increase. Join our speakers, all of whom have spent 2019 speaking with development, operations, and security teams, to break down DevSecOps beyond the term, in an open “Ask Me Anything” discussion on topics such as:

tickedThe key to adopting DevSecOps practices - at small and large enterprises 
tickedThe biggest security challenges for Security and Development teams in 2020

tickedWhat organizations can and should do to avoid security pitfalls 

tickedKey security wins for Security and Development teams in 2020

Insightful for both Security & DevOps professionals. 

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Pete Cheslock
petecPete Cheslock is an independent startup advisor and consultant, working on improving companies organizational structures by providing insight into building and growing autonomous high functioning, technical teams. Pete has played a key role in 8 startups during his career and is a seasoned DevOpsDays speaker. He's currently working on projects with CloudTruth and ChaosSearch. 

Liran Tal

liranLiran Tal is a Developer Advocate at Snyk and a member of the Node.js Security working group. He is a JSHeroes ambassador, passionate about building communities and the open source movement and greatly enjoys pizza, wine, web technologies, and CLIs. Liran is also the author of Essential Node.js Security, a core contributor to OWASP NodeGoat project and loves to dabble about code, testing, and software philosophy.

Alyssa Miller

Alyssa-Miller-Bio-Pic-1024x1024Alyssa Miller is a hacker, security evangelist, professional, and public speaker with over 15 years of experience in cyber security. She believes that in today’s inter-connected world, protecting privacy and building trust with secure systems are critical to protecting our way of life. As a result, she discusses real-world issues that that affect people both within and outside the security community.