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Rich OConnell




Udi Nachmany

VP Cloud Alliances,


Rich O'Connell

Director of Product Partnerships, Atlassian



Kalle Sirkesalo

Platform Director,

No one wants to be alerted to a security flaw after the fact, find a security violation, and stop everything to go fix it. You want to find and fix security vulnerabilities and license issues at every phase of your workflow to prevent this. With Snyk’s Bitbucket integration, you can quickly add Snyk scanning to your pipelines to find, fix, prevent and monitor for vulnerabilities at different points of the CI/CD workflow.

In this session, our experts will explain how the Snyk and BitBucket integration on the Eficode ROOT DevOps platform simplifies software development with better DevOps performance, bringing automation, efficiency, and faster time to market.



  • Atlassian sets the stage: DevSecOps and how it fits in the SDLC 
  • Eficode demonstrates the integration of the detection from git push into the pipeline 
  • Snyk expands on the steps after detection: triaging, fix PRs, policies, code & containers 



About our Speakers

Udi Nachmany, VP of Cloud Alliances at Snyk. Udi leads Snyk's cloud alliances with the likes of AWS, Microsoft, and Red Hat. His career has been on the commercial side of cloud-native technologies and concepts such as open source, hybrid cloud, devops, and containers. Udi has been a key leader for small and large startups such as Canonical, and large corporates such as Hewlett Packard.


Rich O'Connell, Director of Product Partnerships at Atlassian. Rich works on strategic partner integrations for Atlassian, with a focus on DevOps and DevSecOps. He has worn many hats during his career, and wishes DevOps was around when he was writing code. He was born in Ireland, but is based in Mountain View, California.


Kalle Sirkesalo, Platform Director at Eficode. With his strong track record in IT and DevOps, he has helped many small and large companies to build, automate, and scale their DevOps environments. Kalle describes himself as a fast learner workaholic driven by self-improvement.



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