Wed, Sep 4 at 11:30am ET
Join Or Fattal, our very own product manger, to see how quickly you can bake security into your Bitbucket cloud/server. Watch Or demonstrate how Snyk gets setup across the SDLC - from code management and CI/CD (Bitbucket Pipelines) through to Jira for complete coverage.

Who is this intended for?

Software, operations and security engineers who are looking for a way to apply DevSecOps principles inside of their Bitbucket environment.

The agenda:

  • Intro & General overview (10 minutes)
  • Set up the workflow (20 minutes)
  • Q&A (10 minutes)

Find & fix open source  vulnerabilities during development
Secure your CI/CD and make sure you're not introducing new risk
Plug & play remediation advice into your Jira sprint planning

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Or Fattal

or fattal

Or is a product manager at Snyk, focusing on various aspects of our ecosystem support. Whether it's source code managers such as GitHub or Bitbucket, or CI/CD integrations. Prior to Snyk Or was a product manager for Wix's platform aimed for developers.