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photo of Will Robinson photo of Alyssa Miller

Will Robinson

Sales Engineer, DevOps, Trend Micro

Alyssa Miller

Application Security Advocate, Snyk


Join Alyssa Miller of Snyk, a hacker, security evangelist, cybersecurity professional and public speaker with almost 15 years in the security industry, and Will Robinson, a sales engineer and DevOps specialist at Trend Micro. They outline how to achieve end-to-end application security throughout the DevOps cycle by protecting applications in runtime and fixing vulnerabilities at the source.

Watch the webinar from Trend Micro and Snyk to learn how to establish a DevSecOps culture and bake security into the entire DevOps pipeline.


You will learn:

  • How to build security into the DevOps lifecycle;
  • How to enable faster development;
  • How to integrate complete visibility, vulnerability protection and remediation into the process.


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