Developing innovative applications has become a key differentiator for many organizations. The use of cloud-native architectures and DevOps methodologies to accelerate software delivery are causing AppSec teams to re-think their approach to workload compliance. Gating releases, a long-time security practice, is now seen as introducing friction into the pipeline. Today, modern appsec teams act as enablers, providing guidance and governance to development teams so they can confidently use open source, containers, and infrastructure as code, without interfering with delivery-oriented goals.

At the center of modern AppSec teams are security tools that help developers make informed decisions about all parts of the cloud-native stack, and release orchestration tools that provide enforcement through security checks that keep up with the pace of modern software delivery. 

Snyk and deliver these capabilities that bring cross-functional stakeholders together to achieve “DevSecOps” through automated workflows, security tool orchestration, and auditing capabilities that provide reporting and insights about the organizations’ software delivery teams. 

In this webinar, our experts Amit Mohleji, Director of Sales Engineer at, and Tomas Gonzalez, Partner Solution Architect at Snyk, will show you how Snyk and help you: 

  • Address risks from implementation decisions spanning open source, containers, and infrastructure as code
  • Augment security by empowering developers with self-service remediation capabilities
  • Implement gates and criteria to ensure compliant application releases
  • Report on project information, helping to identify constraints in the software supply chain


tomas gonzalez
Tomas Gonzalez
Partner Solution Architect

Amit Mohleji
Director of Sales Engineering


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Webinar Session: February 4th
1:00pm ET | 10:00am PT


“We get audited all year long. By using Snyk, we can say we’ve secured our open source pipeline.
So it’s not just about improving our security exposure but also supporting our compliance efforts.”

Evangelos Deirmentzoglou, Interim Head of Security