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Cloud native applications are more than just the code - today's applications include infrastructure as code (IaC) that enables fast, repeatable deployments.

In this survey, Snyk investigated how companies are using IaC today and common roadblocks to its widespread use.


Top highlights include:

ticked By 2025, 70% of container attacks will be from known vulnerabilities and misconfigurations
ticked Only 26% of IaC users are confident they can spot security mistakes in their configurations
ticked 48% of organizations say automated code testing for IaC in CI/CD would increase their confidence in spotting misconfigurations


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“We get audited all year long. By using Snyk, we can say we’ve secured our open source pipeline.
So it’s not just about improving our security exposure but also supporting our compliance efforts.”

Evangelos Deirmentzoglou, Interim Head of Security

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