How to break into your application: A live hack : Simon Maple from JavaZone on Vimeo.

This session takes some of the most common vulnerabilities found in the Java and JavaScript eco-systems, breaks them down and shows how simple code can exploit them. We'll look at examples in the wild that have been exposed, some more famously than others, before showing you how to guard against these important security issues.


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ticked Developer First

  • Early detection during the coding and commit
  • Seamless adoption by developers with native integration to development tools
  • Drive policy and prevent new vulnerabilities by gating the process

tickedAutomated Remediation

  • Accelerates triaging of direct and transitive dependencies by analyzing the dependency tree
  • Reduces time-to-fix with one-click fix pull request in the Git
  • Protection when no fix is available with precision patches

tickedSecurity Depth

  • Beyond CVE vulnerabilities and includes many additional non-CVE vulnerabilities
  • Proprietary research unveils new vulnerabilities
  • Powers Google Chrome & Microsoft Sona

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