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Jamie O'Meara
Global Solutions Architect


Jason Dablow, Trend Micro

Jason Dablow
Cloud Security Ninja



Cloud infrastructure, combined with digital transformation initiatives, have sparked a movement within enterprise organizations to modify their culture and processes to faster software delivery. This new way of thinking established the DevOps culture, but did not account for security practices. The next iteration of DevOps aligned security to the software delivery process to form DevSecOps.

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Why this matters now? DevSecOps is changing for developers, security teams, and operators. Jamie O'Meara, Snyk's Global Solutions Architect, and Adre Alves, Cloud Security Architect at Trend Micro, will discuss why DevSecOps must be a developer-led effort with the proper process and tools. Finally, we will review the significance of containers and how to secure them through the application development process. 


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Jason Dablow has over twenty years of experience in the computer industry, with the last eighteen focused on security. He has been creating security solutions for the top global enterprises specializing in accelerating and securing hybrid cloud deployments. In his free time, he enjoys being on the golf course, hitting the local craft brew scene, and relaxing at home with his cats.

Jamie O'Meara, is a Global Solution Architect at Snyk with an emphasis on DevSecOps and Cloud-Native technologies. He is an experienced speaker having presented at VMworld, SpringOne Platform, Jenkins User Conference, and Collab Summit. He is passionate about agile methodologies and creating software. In his free time, Jamie enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 teenagers and enjoys traveling.


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