RSAC 365 Virtual Summit, January 27th

Snyk is excited to be sponsoring the virtual 2021 RSAC Summit! We will be showcasing our platform, including security tools to detect and fix vulnerabilities in open source dependencies, container images, infrastructure as code and proprietary code. Schedule time to meet with us during the summit.
Not attending RSAC? Let's meet anyway. Check out our calendar availability and schedule a time that works for you

Join one of our sessions. Space is limited!


Live Demonstration:

Intro to Dev-First Container Security with Snyk

In this live demonstration, we’ll look at container image security from the builder’s perspective - going beyond simply uncovering vulnerabilities and, instead, coming up with a practical, repeatable approach to fixing them. We’ll also demonstrate how Snyk Container fits in at various points in the development lifecycle including CI/CD, Kubernetes clusters, and popular cloud registries.

Wednesday, 1/27 @ 11am EST


Live Hacking Session:

Hack my Mis-Configured Kubernetes

In this live hacking session, we’ll demonstrate some of the key security issues that affect your Kubernetes configuration, including: Security context pitfalls like Privileged pods Running pods without resource limitations.We’ll explain what they actually mean, what an attacker can do to your cluster and how you can fix them.

Thursday, 1/28 @ 12pm EST

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