SpringOne, September 2-3, 9am - 6pm ET

We’ll have experts on hand to show you Snyk’s new Kubernetes configuration security feature, to detect security problems in deployment code and to show how we use this configuration detail to help you prioritize fixes for container vulnerabilities.

Register for Snyk's Workshop: Building DevSecOps Into Cloud Native Application Development! Space is Limited! 


Building DevSecOps Into Cloud Native Application Development Workshop:

Traditional security tools, practices and processes cannot simply be retrofitted to secure modern cloud native application development. The current DevOps mindset and methodology needs to incorporate security as a first-class principle. Register today to learn how to do exactly this using Snyk. 



You'll learn how to:

  • Manage and secure your open source dependencies for vulnerabilities.
  • Discover its vulnerabilities and prioritization score to resolve top vulnerabilities.
  • Review the remediation advice and how to implement it.
  • Build a container image for our application, scan it, and then build a secure image.
  • Review Kubernetes deployment files using Snyk Infrastructure as Code to enforce policy and eliminate misconfigurations.

Speaker: Jamie O'Meara, Global Solutions Architect
Date/Time:  Wednesday, Sept 2, 2:30 - 4 pm ET






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